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"The first duty of love is to listen."

- Paul Tillich​

Parenting Consultation

          This option is for parents or caregivers of children who do not wish to initially have their child enter therapy but feel as though they could still benefit from collaborating with a professional.


          An assessment will be taken of the child's symptoms, developmental history, familial background, presenting emotional states, displayed problematic behavior at home and/or school, as well as past and current child-rearing strategies.


          The therapist consultant and involved parents/caregivers will work as a team to assess the child's needs and address any concerns.  Strategies will be formulated for the caregiver to implement on their own accord and will be evaluated periodically.  


          Psychoeducation covering developmentally appropriate behavior in children and current research on parenting will be provided as well as referrals to other services and resources if deemed clinically necessary.

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