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"If we can give up attachment to our roles as helpers, then maybe our clients can give up attachment to their roles as patients and we can meet as fellow souls on this incredible journey." 
- Ram Dass

About Brenden

My name's Brenden and I'm delighted you've found your way here.  

I'm a licensed professional clinical counselor in the state of New Mexico and Colorado as well as a nationally certified counselor by the NBCC.  After spending a few years working in various high volume agency settings, I've transitioned to working in private practice where I'm able to provide much more as a counselor than I ever could before.  


I take great honor and humility in being allowed to bare witness the pain and turmoil that far too often accompanies a person in life, inevitably holding them back from feeling well, let alone their potential.  I'm also incredibly grateful to be in a role that facilitates and promotes the healing process in others.  To see suffering be transformed into joy or relief, confusion into clarity, loss into connection, and fear into courage time and time again fills my being to no end.  I hold great respect for the therapeutic relationship, the power of transformative experiences, and our innate human capacities for growth and change.


My approach to guiding you on your path is very integrative, trauma informed, and centers around cultivating deep personal transformation & healing.  Through an emphasis on the somatic experience (body-centered neurophysiology), attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, and mindfulness - An enhanced capacity to work through difficult emotions emerges in a safe way as the mind & body naturally re-align. With this, self-awareness grows and innate healing potential unfolds.


Everyone I work with, from child to adult, is unique, and in turn, requires something different in order to move towards well-being.  You won't find any cookie cutter approaches to your therapy with me, as I offer my full commitment to providing an authentic and transformative therapeutic experience.

My Experience as a Therapist Includes Helping Teens and Adults Overcome:


Post Traumatic Stress

Anxiety, Stress, Worry, and Fear

Depression, Hopelessness, and Meaninglessness

High School to College Transitions & Quarter-Life Crisis

Grief, Loss, Sadness, and Bereavement

Feelings of Loneliness, Guilt, and Shame

Low Self-Esteem and Confidence

Developmental Trauma and Childhood Wounding

Difficulty Communicating and Expression One's Self

Relationship Difficulty


Spirituality Issues

Identity Issues

Traits of Good Therapists

















For Counseling:(505) 977-5376

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