"In order to feel good about himself, a child must be successful in his own eyes, not just in your eyes."

- Stanley Greenspan


DIR Floortime

     DIR Floortime© is a therapeutic approach used for children impacted by autism and special needs. This type of modality is unique in that it takes into account the individual interests of the child and works on helping to challenge them when appropriate in order to reach developmental milestones as well as focusing on problem solving and social / relational skillsets. 

     Floortime is different from the popular Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in that it's play based and meets the child's needs by specifically engaging with them in their own interests to facilitate growth whereas ABA focuses primarily on behavior modification.  Floortime allows a child to be therapeutically treated in a more integrated way as the developmental, individual, and relational dimensions of growth are incorporated into the therapy hour.

     A Guiding Path recognizes that many children and families today are affected by autism and looking for understanding in today's world.  We recognize that your child is an individual in need of empathy and a nurturing space where they can continue to grow and flourish.


For Counseling:(505) 977-5376

For Play Therapy: (505) 480-1919

420 East Broadway, Unit C

Missoula, MT 59802


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