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"Therapy can be mysterious at times, like walking home in a fog - each step can be an uneasy one, making you question if it's in the right direction, until time passes and the fog lifts because you've arrived."  

- Brenden Dix

About Counseling

          Research shows that therapy works, yet far too often people lack confidence in it or are afraid of the potential it can yield for them and are ultimately not ready for change.  Knowing and deeply sensing a needed change in your life, but fearing it, can often-times create a problem unto itself! Therapy takes self-honesty, trust, and courage in the vulnerability of exposing personal and often- times sensitive material to another, which can be made even more difficult, if you've attempted this is in the past with someone and they ended up hurting you.


          The fact is, everyone who seeks out therapy requires something unique, as no two individuals are the same.  There are no prescribed methods or approaches to therapy that work better than others.  Some modalities, interventions, and techniques that are used by therpists work because they are more suitable for the context of the uniquely unfolding moment or are favorable to the client's personality & ability to be positively receptive of them.  


          In the end, therapy is an explorative journey between two beings. There are ups and downs, and a whole lot in between on the path to well-being.  


          Therapy has the potential to excel when a client is eager for change, growth, self-understanding, or healing. Together, you can develop the ability to connect deeply, discover your potential, improve the quality of your interpersonal relationships, overcome difficult emotions, past experiences, and break free of outdated toxic cycles holding you back on your path.

*For a more in depth look at the counseling process, I encourage you to read the "Individual Counseling" section under the "Ways to Work with Me" menu found here: 

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