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Life takes a toll on the strongest of us.  Fortunately, change is inevitable, and transformation is possible - once you let another join you on your path.


We're here to help that transformative process naturally unfold, so that together, you're able to become your best self and travel life's journey unbroken and whole.

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." - Joseph Campbell

Welcome to A Guiding Path

We are Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors who are passionate about self-development, healthy relationships, well-being, and optimal mental health.  Located in Missoula and servicing all of Western Montana from the Bitterroot, Potomac, and Flathead Valleys - We specialize in working with adult individuals, teens, children, and their their parents in a variety of different ways that are tailored to meet one's own needs and/or goals.

  Our constant aim is to enhance the quality of life for those we work with whether it be by improving inter-personal relationships, facilitating healing processes, building emotional capacities, undoing old attachment wounds and the impact of aloneness, or by developing the "Self".  Utilizing highly integrative therapeutic modalities, we're able to forge authentic, safe, and corrective therapeutic relationships that truly promotes our client's innate ability to overcome, heal, and grow towards wholeness.

At A Guiding Path we understand that starting this journey can be difficult, even scary at times.  Rest assured, that's normal, but it can be different because you won't be alone.  The most important step is merely taking the first one by contacting us.  Let go of the idea that you have to do it alone, that you're weak, or our favorite stigma - that you have to be "crazy" to go to therapy, and


Services We Provide

Individual Counseling

(Including Teletherapy)

(505) 977-5376

Safe. Supportive. Private. Confidential. 


This is the path to a new-different-stronger-improved-healed-whole self.


We treat anxiety/stress, depression, trauma/ptsd, grief/loss, self-esteem/worth, difficult emotions, relational challenges, and other ways life can impact us.

Play Therapy

(505) 480-1919

Play therapy allows children (ages 2-12) the opportunity to explore their world and to express themselves freely, in a safe environment, which encourages the use of imagination and an understanding & supportive "other" to develop solutions and work through developmental, behavioral, or academic difficulties.

DIR Floortime®

(505) 480-1919

DIR Floortime® is geared towards children impacted by ASD and is an alternative therapy to ABA.  This modality emphasizes their developmental processes, emotional capacities and regulative abilities. DIR is highly relational in order to improve communication as well as grow and nurture social and inter-personal skill-sets.

Our Clients

Like yourself, our clients are unique. Each one having their own personal strengths, intricacies, dreams, personalities, and past.  Our clients are everyone, from intern to executive, teacher to student, father to son.  Our client is you

Similarly to the importance of exercise and proper nutrition for health and well-being, our clients acknowledge that their mental and emotional well-being is just as critical to living their best lives.  In time, our clients develop trust in the depths of their selves, courage and confidence to encounter long avoided fears that lead to unburdening, new perspective and self-understanding that is freed by old destructive thought patterns, and the emotional development required to have more fulfilling relationships with others as well as with oneself.

Those who choose to work with us not only gain an ally by their side, or even strategies to alleviate suffering, but a relationship that can be life changing.  We find that quite often as our clients begin to feel more like who they "should" be, it only fuels their drive to keep going and to stretch themselves beyond the mental confines of who they thought they were or expected they could be. 


Our Clients Consistently Gain :







Inner Peace










Meet The Team

Supporting Memberships

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